Networks are the key to sharing information


Fighting networks with bureaucracies was never going to work, especially in an environment where large organisations rely on small enterprises — often single-employee consultancies — to operate.

A move from an information hoarding to trusted information sharing is vital to ensure a capacity for security, resilience and recovery on a day-to-day basis as well as in the event of a major disruption, regardless of cause.

To address this vital issue, the Research Network for a Secure Australia has organised a special workshop to explore the area of information sharing across government and business and between sectors to create a security and resilient society.

The workshop will take place the day before the opening of Safeguarding Australia 2017 National Security Summit and issues discussed will include:

•   Current information sharing arrangements and their efficacy

•   How to improve information sharing

•   Who speaks for the security profession?

Taking an appreciative inquiry approach, in this two-hour workshop international and local experts explore current arrangements, what can be done better, and how to go about doing so.


·      Chair: Alastair Milroy AM, Chair of the Global Access Partners, Cyber Security Task Force and former Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Crime Commission

·      Babak Akhgar, Professor of Informatics and Director of CENTRIC, Sheffield Hallam University

·      Peter Davies, Executive Director, Analysis & Response, Austability and former Director of the UK National Crime Agency and CEO of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

·      David Lake, head of the Business Economic Stability Team (BEST), Phoenix Police Department, and founder of the concept of Economic Based Policing

·      Dai Hockaday, Business Resilience Manager, Sydney Water

·      Andrew Kiley, Director, Critical Infrastructure Centre, Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department

·      Alex Webling, Director at Resilience Outcomes, with a background as senior executive in the Australian Federal Government in national security

·      Jason Brown, National Security Director, Thales

·      Rod Cowan, Senior Research Fellow, Research Network for a Secure Australia and Director of

Date: 2nd May 2017

Time: 10.30h-12.30h

Venue: QT, Canberra.

Format: Roundtable discussion

Rules: Those present may use and/or report the information disclosed during the workshop, but the source of any information may not be explicitly or implicitly identified unless permission is given otherwise. The information and any outcomes will also be discussed in an open session during the Safeguarding Australia National Security Summit.

Selected members of the Safeguarding Australia National Security Summit audience will also be participating.

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