Security is Your Business Writer & Director, Rod Cowan

Security is Your Business Writer & Director, Rod Cowan

Security is Your Business has evolved into a dynamic collaborative exchange between senior security, law enforcement, intelligence professionals and policy makers.

What began as a video project was developed into a conference-in-a-box, whereby we invited 20 security experts and top-level managers to be interviewed on camera, one after the other, and with each other watching. The end result was a dynamic conversation, which was then edited into segments and supplemented with on-location video interviews in Australia and overseas.

The exclusive nature of the filming day ensured that those invited were fully engaged in the process.

“I have to say the filming day has an fascinating dynamic,” says Rod Cowan, Security is Your Business¬†writer and director.

“Maybe its the cameras and the the studio environment, or maybe its the quality of contributor that sparks the conversation. As one senior police officer put it, if I had known what this was about, I would have arranged to spend the whole day here.

“And, maybe its because it is a unique opportunity to spend time with your peers and really get to grips with what is happening on the world of security.”

The themes, content and invitation list are developed with the help of an editorial board, comprised of well-respected industry leaders.

Importantly, the material is distributed free of charge and funded entirely by sponsorship.

“This is not a conference. The whole exercise is about sharing knowledge and expertise, not selling videos, far less tickets,” says Cowan.

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