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Security begins with conversations

Ben Demsitz, Security Manager, discusses guiding a team and the importance of communication with other external stakeholders during a lockdown.   Hear Demsitz discuss his role within State Library of NSW, how the Martin Place siege…


What IT convergence means for security

Adam Byrne CPP, Director of Safety and Security, discusses how IT convergence is affecting security.     To hear Byrne discuss communication with stakeholders, in-house manpower, access to senior levels, working with communities and determining credible…

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Diversity in security

Kylie Martin, Head of Asset Protection Services, discusses industry engagement with young people.

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Is security ready for an uber?

Few industries have avoided the rapacious attention of technology companies looking for new ways to integrate billing systems into their business model and marketing them as the so-called sharing economy. And, there is no reason…


SYB4 being uploaded

After watching hours of footage and figuring how best to present to maximise the discussions of the day, videos are being uploaded over the coming months, beginning with education and technology. In addition to the…


Finding real solutions to terrorism in our midst

When you attend a counter-terrorism (CT) conference, you do not expect to hear a French rapper, or from a Perth youth worker helping with kids targeted to join violent Jihad. What you expect is to…


There can never be a profession without education

For the most part, the solution to professionalising the industry centres on training — mostly on the biggest target, guards — and standards. The trouble is, neither makes any real impact on establishing a profession….