Commissioner Stewart, former Commissioner Bob Atkinson, Premier Palaszczuk and Minister Ryan.

Queensland’s frontline and tactical police officers will have a new Counter-Terrorism and Community Safety Centre at Wacol next year. https://mypolice.qld.gov.au/blog/2019/05/17/new-bob-atkinson-police-training-centre-will-underpin-queensland-security-into-the-future/

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Pape ABC SYD 2

Paris a start to eliminating extremist content

Robert Pape, Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago specialising in international security affairs; Director, Chicago Security and Threats project, was in Paris to contribute to Christchurch Call discussions. When interviewed on ABC…

cyberspace scream

Why assessing online material is a crucial step

A man, obviously “down on his luck” as they used to say, shuffles along a city street mumbling,  occasionally shouting at no one in particular. People pass by, maybe averting their eyes, perhaps even crossing…

Credit: Unsplash - Jason Rosewell

Progressing inter-generational dialogue in security

By Codee Ludbey  Speaking at Safeguarding Australia this year, I raised some of the generational issues facing the workforce today, and outlined some misconceptions. Importantly, over the two days, several discussions about Millennials in the…


Networks are the key to sharing information

Fighting networks with bureaucracies was never going to work, especially in an environment where large organisations rely on small enterprises — often single-employee consultancies — to operate. A move from an information hoarding to trusted…

who speaks

Who speaks for the profession?

Previous comments and articles about the need to build relationships between government and business have generated some discussions. Clearly, something needs to change and relying on the government simply will not do. The conversation, however,…


Is your insider threat a sexual predator?

A Police raid on Channel 9’s Sydney headquarters and charging star reporter Ben McCormack, 42, with sending child pornography material and engaging in sexually explicit conversations about children, is a timely reminder that a sexual…


Security should be the antidote to fear

An elderly couple posed this question to me yesterday: “What do you think? Should we be letting Muslims into the country?” This is an otherwise good, you could say warmhearted, couple, who have worked all…