Security is Your Business bring together experts to discuss trends, ideas, and strategies in security.

Risk & Business

Jason Brown, Thales, Errol Souther TAL Global, Craig Millar, Royal Bank Of Scotland, and Paul Maihi, Westpac, discuss the connections between risk and business.


Strategic Directions

Steve Jackson, Qantas, Jenny Muldoon, Sydney Opera House, Peter Anderson, Macquarie University PICT, Prof. Martin Gill, Perpetuity (UK), examine building a strategic direction for security.


Evolving leadership

Errol Southers, TAL Global, talks about leadership issues.


Policing partnerships

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner, Nick Kaldas, and Michael Julian, Westfield Shopping Centres, talk about police and security working together.

Leading people

What skills are need to manage people in a security environment? Paul Retter, Australian Office of Transport Security, Sydney Chau, Avseco (HKG), and Philip Baum, Green Light (UK) offer their insights.


Gaining influence

Influence within  organsations determines how seriously people will take security. Gary Heward, MFD Group (UK), Hugh Mcleod, Stirling Assynt (UK), and Peter Everson, BAT (UK), talk about getting people to listen.


Buying technology

Jock O’Hagan, DPW, and Paul Murphy, GHD, offer tips on getting tech purchases right.


Cyber Link

Mike Rothery, Attorney-General’s Department, explains how cyber is becoming an issue beyond the IT department.


Insider threat

One issue that keeps security managers up at night is that of insider threat. Lizz Corbett, Training Group International, Errol Southers, TAL Global, and Matthew Curtis, GHD, discuss what can be done.


Setting standards

John Bigelow, Security Solutions Magazine, talks to Paul McCarthy, One Security, about how standards can make a difference in security planning.


Education to profession

Professor Nara Srinivasan, Edith Cowan University, explains why education is an important factor in developing security as a profession.


Future research

Jason Brown, Thales, asks Allison Wylde, Security Industry Observatory (UK), what the outlook is for security research.